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TV Wall Mount Installation
TV Wall Mount Installation
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TV Dismount or Remount
TV Dismount or Remount
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TV Mounting

Let’s say that you just bought your dream TV. You’re thinking of having your TV mounted on the wall so that it is secure and looks more elegant and refined. Whether you’re a “go big or go home” type of person who just purchased a brand new 75” LED Smart TV for the living room, or a more modest 42” flat screen for the bedroom, you’re going to need your TV mounted. 

Most TV’s have stands that can sit upright on a table or dresser. This can be a big problem if someone accidentally bumped into the surface where the TV is standing on. Then, your TV can get damaged, causing a sense of panic and despair for you and your wallet. This type of tragedy happens all too often. 

This, amongst a plethora of reasons, is why mounting your TV is a must. Not everyone is well-equipped to mount their TV DIY-style. Luckily for you, Techy is here to help. We will mount your TV of any size on any wall in your home. We will mount your TV at the precise level that you want so that you can stay entertained to your comfort level. 

We ensure that your mounted TV is in a setting that is clear of any unsightly wires and clutter. We will mount your TV using a standard wall mount, outdoor mount, or even a fireplace mount. No matter what your TV mounting needs are, Techy has got you covered! 

Our technicians are highly qualified and have the right level of knowledge about basic construction concepts and audiovisual cables to ensure that your mounted TV is installed properly. We guarantee quality customer service and support at the lowest prices available. Come by one of our Techy locations or call us today to schedule an appointment to have one of our technicians come out to mount your TV quickly and efficiently. 

TV Mounting Installation Services

With Techy’s TV mounting services, you can give your home theater the upgrade that it deserves! You’ll only be responsible for the cost of the mount, as well as any other additional parts that may be needed for installation. 

Our TV mounting installation services include:

  • Installing a bracket and mount 
  • Connecting all necessary video and audio components
  • Neatly dressing wires to avoid clutter
  • Configuring other peripheral devices
  • Concealing in-wall wires