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We compare the top trade-in prices to ensure
you get the best deal for your device.

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Cell Phones, Laptops, and Other Electronic Device

Do you have an iPhone in one of your junk drawers? Upgrade to a new phone without having to pay more. You can have the latest phone by just getting rid of the ones you are not using. At Techy, we make phone trade-ins and laptop trade-ins simple. Bring in your old device to a Techy near you. The best part about our service is that you can trade in any brand of devices that you have—trade in your Samsung, LG, and more.

Visit a Techy near you so that we can help make your day better with a brand-new phone.

Sell Old Phones, Laptops, and Other Electronic Devices

You can get excited about a new phone release when you can trade in electronics you no longer want. Use your trade-in credit towards a new phone that you have been eyeing. Do you get excited about finding all those hidden features in your phone? Then, a Techy Trade-in service is something that you will enjoy. If you have traded anything old for something new, you know the joy it can bring you throughout the day.

Get extra cash when you sell used iPhones, Samsung and other devices to Techy. The additional money you want for your new phone can be found right in your home. Where do you leave old phones? Is it in the bottom of your drawer or an old box in your closet?

You can sell your devices in less than 30 seconds when you get them to a Techy store near you. Isn’t that great news?! Now you can stop searching for ‘sell cell phones near me’ or ‘sell my iPhone near me.’ You’ll get your payment within the same day. For a convenient selling process, you can ship your devices to our store, and we will pay for your shipping cost. After we have agreed and confirmed payment, we will send your payment via your preferred method.

Techy is the best place to sell used phones. You don’t have to pay listing fees. And, we pay you more for your old devices.

Sell or Trade-In iPhones

You can get excited about your new iPhone releases. Techy offers the simplest way to get a new phone with its trade-in and sell device services. When you inquire about Techy trade-in services, you can use credit from your old devices to upgrade to a new phone. Another alternative is to sell your old phones and use the money towards a new one.

There is no need to search for ‘used cell phones’ or ‘where to sell my iPhone’ and go through the trouble of paying for listings on a site. At Techy, we will pay you more for your used devices.

Let's use your old phones to get the new phone that you want. Visit our store today or start the selling process.