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The Nest Secure Alarm Starter Pack combines the highly effective Nest Guard with built-in motion sensors and Google Assistant with 2 Nest Detect sensors and 2 Nest Tags. This starter pack is the perfect product pack to start on the embarkment of securing your home completely. Whether you’re building an unimpeachable fortress, or simply just trying to make your home safer for your family, the Nest Secure Alarm Starter Pack is a great way to start. Armed with the built-in Google Assistant software, the Nest Secure Alarm Starter Pack allows you to arm and disarm your home whenever you like. The Nest Secure Alarm Starter Pack is unlike most security systems. You can set up reminders to remind you to arm or disarm your security system. Use the Nest app on your smartphone or tablet to enter your personal security passcode to arm or disarm your home. You can also just say, “Gey Google, set security to ‘away’ and ‘guarding’ to arm your system using the built-in Google Assistant. The Nest Detect senses motion in a room and with the Nest Guard, protects the room. Simply stick in on the wall, door, or window and it starts working. You can also press the button on the Nest Detect to open any door without triggering the alarm. This way, the house remains armed while staying silent. To arm or disarm your home’s security systems, simply tap Nest Tag on Nest Guard. You don’t need a passcode and you can even give one to a trusted friend or family member. Get started on securing your home with the Nest Secure Alarm Starter Pack. You can never be too safe. With Nest, you can be safer with more convenience. Installation The Nest Secure Alarm Starter Pack products are compatible with a smartphone or tablet. They require a WiFi network connection with internet access. To install these appliances throughout the interior and exterior of your home may take a certain amount of time and level of expertise that you may not necessarily have. If you require assistance with installing your Nest Secure Alarm system, then Techy is here to help. We will install your devices in any room, door, wall, or window that you want in your home. We work quickly and efficiently. We can come to your home the very next day after you schedule the appointment. We will answer all of your questions about your new Nest Secure Alarm Starter Pack system and will guide you on how to use it on the Nest app so that you can feel confident in doing it yourself. Allow Techy to show you the way to a more secure home. Call Techy today to have one of our experienced and qualified technicians come to your home and install your Nest Secure Alarm Starter Pack system.