Nest Detect Installation


Customer Device: Nest Detect

Nest Detect 

The Nest Detect system allows you to monitor the doors, windows, and walls of your home. It enables you to detect movement from either an intruder, animal, or other unwanted visitors that may be attempting to enter through your door or window. With the Quiet Open feature, you can open your door while the house is armed without setting off the alarm system. 

This way, you can have the police arrive in time to catch them in the act. Program the alarm trigger settings to allow certain movement within the home that won’t set off the alarm (i.e. pets). If you’re walking by the Nest Detect at nighttime, it triggers a pathway lighting feature to let you see where you’re walking in the dark.

The Nest Detect alarm system keeps track of additional movement within a room, or near the doors and windows. Arm your house like a fortress. With the Nest app, you can set up Nest Detect and Nest Guard to gain full control of your home’s security right at your fingertips. 

Stay alerted whenever there is suspicious movement in and around your home. Stick your Nest Detect on your door, wall, or window to secure your home around every entryway. Now, visitors will only get into your home if you want them to. Triggering the silent alarm will automatically notify you and the police without scaring off the intruder. This way, the police can catch them right in the act and prevent further crimes from occurring in the future. This not only helps to keep you safe but your whole neighborhood as well.


It’s rather simple to install the Nest Detect and doesn’t require any drilling or connecting wires. However, if you prefer to have some assistance with this task, then Techy has got you covered. 

Schedule an appointment with Techy and we can come out to you the very next day. Get started on taking control of your home, one entryway at a time. Call Techy or come by one of our locations and let us know exactly what you need. We’re also happy to answer all of your questions about your new Nest Detect system so that you can feel confident that you know what you’re doing.