Google Home Mini Installation


Customer Device: Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini 

Ever find yourself asking a question that you immediately want to be answered? Do you want to perform this task without having to search on your phone or computer? Well, with the Google Home Mini, you can. 

The Google Home Mini is a smart speaker with a built-in Google Assistant to answer all of your questions whenever, wherever. Take your Google Home Mini on the go, to the office, in your car, or halfway around the globe!

Get the latest updates on weather, finance, traffic, sports, entertainment, and so much more. You can also get more personalized by setting your schedule, alerts, reminders, calls, news, and more with the voice recognition software. Simply ask your Google Home Mini any question in the world and you’ll get the answer that you want immediately. 

You can also listen to music and audiobooks, as well as stream TV shows and movies with Chromecast. Partnered with the best of Google from YouTube and Netflix, to CNN and D-Link. The Google Home Mini is your all-in-one smart home device that works with over 5,000 other smart home devices from over 150 different brands. 

Personalize your Google Home Mini even more by purchasing one in a variety of different colors and sizes. Simply begin with “Okay Google” to get answers to questions, enjoy entertainment from any room, control your smart home devices, and tackle your entire day. It’s perfect for the whole family to use. 

Ask it questions. Get answers. Tell it to do things. It does it! It’s your own personal assistant in a small, portable device. 

Product Expertise

For all of your questions about how to use your new Google Home Mini, we’ve got you covered. Techy can answer all of your questions about the features, functions, and capabilities so that you can take it home and use it immediately. 

Optimize your peace of mind while gaining an infinite of knowledge. Take full control of your home and get all of your questions answered with the Google Home Mini.